Collection: Kasha Lunt

Original equestrian works in mixed media, plus giclee prints.  Stunning juxtapositions between horses and birds...

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Kasha Lunt studied art in Sussex where she was brought up.  This was followed by living in London and painting murals before specialising in printmaking.  Recently while still making linocuts Kasha has been drawn to drawing, trying to create something that is almost alive on the paper.

She writes: ? "I am inspired by nature and the animals in it, especially horses. Looking at horses grazing, playing and then on a cold winters evening pouring over books and drawing, drawing, drawing. I try to capture the energy, unusual pose or spark of an animal."

Kasha's work has been exhibited at many Galleries and Art Fairs - the Mall Galleries, BCAF, Oliver Contemporary, Badcocks Gallery, Whitespace to name a few. Awards - Diana Brooks Prize, WHSmith/ Sotheby’s Card Prize and Mollie Staley Award.