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What is Goutelette printing?

The new gouttelette process is a highly refined form of digital printing. It allows the use the beautiful uncoated papers, which are better for image reproduction because they allow the ink more easily to travel down the paper fibres and into the sheet ("wicking"), and better for quality because the coating used on many coated papers can make the print more prone to fading. The gouttelette process, combined with the traditional skills and experience of the printing team, thus creates results far superior to the average digital print.

Printed onto the highest quality archival substrates and using only very specialised inks, gouttelette prints have the remarkable colour saturation and continuous tone characteristics one would expect of an original painting. In fact, with an apparent visual resolution of over 1800 dpi (dots per inch), distinguishing a gouttelette from an original can be very difficult, even to the expert eye

Gouttelettes are generally printed onto acid-free calcium carbonate-buffered archival watercolour paper or onto fine archival-quality cotton canvas coated with an acid free primer. On light-fastness, the ink and paper combinations generally used meet the standards of both the Fine Art Trade Guild's blue wool scale and those of Wilhelm Imaging Research in America. And, leaving aside the technical specification, the quality of the print is fantastic!

What is a remarque?

An artist-remarqued print is a limited edition print on paper which in addition to being signed and numbered by the artist, also carries a small original pencil drawing in the lower margin. Only a few prints within the edition are devoted to remarques. The subject of the drawing is usually derived from the subject of the print, often picking out a detail of the composition. The drawing is signed by the artist with his initials. Of course, each drawing is entirely original and so each remarque is unique.  Thus, the visual impact of the colour print is combined with an original artwork in the Artist’s hand.  Prints on canvas are never remarqued.

What is a Canvas Print?

A limited edition print on canvas is printed using the highest quality giclée technology.  It has a plain white margin of at least two inches all round, which is used by the framer to wrap around a stretcher frame.  The artist signs and numbers the edition in black ink directly on the lower left and right of the image.  The canvas is varnished.  Framing is exactly as you would an original oil painting, the stretched canvas is framed with no glass.  The result is impressive and very similar to the presentation of an original oil painting.  

Do you deliver to the USA / Europe / Australia etc?

Yes, absolutely. Just enter your country in the checkout and delivery cost is calculated.  Typically, one or more unframed prints in an order will cost in the region of GBP £18 to deliver to a US address.  The cost of shipping framed artworks depends on size and destination and is calculated at checkout.

How much will my purchase cost in dollars / euros, etc.?

Your credit / debit card company does the currency conversion at the exchange rate prevailing at the exact time of the transaction, so we cannot quote an exact figure.  Google gives you a close estimation.

Do you accept American Express for payment?

Sorry, no.