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Edward Ardizzone - Bunk-Bed at Sea

Edward Ardizzone - Bunk-Bed at Sea

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Ardizzone’s classic picture book Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain, 1955.

‘Oi’, said the sailor. ‘What are you doing here? Come along with me, my lad, the captain will have something to say to you’.

So begins the story of Tim’s life as a stowaway, the tale of a boy’s desire, despite parental prohibition, for adventure on the high seas. Adventure he finds, but little does he expect the storm, or the sinking ship….

The print depicts Tim, exhausted, climbing his way to the bunk-bed for a much-deserved rest. Dark night is just visible through the ship’s port hole.

Limited edition giclee print.
Edition of 950

Image size: 14cm x 24cm
Paper size: 21cm x 29.7cm

Printed on 310 gsm thick, 100% cotton rag.

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