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Peter Blake American Trilogy (cream and gold diamond dust)

Peter Blake American Trilogy (cream and gold diamond dust)

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Limited edition silkscreen print.

Edition of 150

Image size: 62.6 x 83.4cm

Paper size: 76 x 99 cm

American Trilogy (cream and gold diamond dust)- signed limited edition silkscreen print with gold leaf, embossing and diamond dust by Peter Blake. Available as part of a set of three.

Three American icons: the stars and stripes, Elvis Presley, and Coca Cola are combined to create American Trilogy, a classic pop art image by Sir Peter Blake. American Trilogy celebrates the roots of Pop Art; featuring imagery that represents the power of mass consumer products and popular culture, and reflects the fact the America lead mass culture revolution in the 1950s. There are three versions of this silkscreen print; all feature embossing and hand-applied gold or silver leaf, and two are finished with diamond dust. This repetition of imagery with a slight variation on colour or surface texture is reminiscent of the work of Andy Warhol, and serves the double purpose of reflecting the endless ‘sameness’ of mass production and rooting American Trilogy deep in the Pop Art tradition. The choice of monochrome background colours lends greater visual impact to the trilogy motifs, as well as marking a more subtle and sophisticated approach by Blake in his latest work.

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