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Quentin Blake / Roald Dahl - The Three Little Pigs

Quentin Blake / Roald Dahl - The Three Little Pigs

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He dialed as quickly as he could, the number of Red Riding Hood.
"Hello," she said. "Who's speaking? Who?
Oh, hello, Piggy, how d'you do?"
Pig cried, "I need your help, Miss Hood!
Oh help me, please! D'you think you could?"
"I'll try of course," Miss Hood replied.
"What's on your mind...?" "A Wolf!" Pig cried.
"I know you've dealt with wolves before, and now I've got one at my door!"
"My darling Pig," she said, "My sweet, that's something really up my street.
I've just begun to wash my hair. But when it's dry, I'll be right there."

 Collector's edition of 595

Mounted size: 430mm x 405mm

Framed size: 460mm x 435mm

Blindstamped with edition number.

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