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Sir Peter Blake - I Love Recycling

Sir Peter Blake - I Love Recycling

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"I LOVE LONDON” and "I LOVE RECYCLING” is a public declaration by the artist, to celebrate and support a new ‘culture of sustainability' and herald a ‘zero waste' future, for you to hang on your wall and treasure for life!

Featuring the artist's iconic heart, target, star and rainbow motifs it is printed using a vibrant, 10 'spot' colour lithographic process onto 56% recycled tinplate. Commissioned in 2009 by Creatively Recycled Empire (creators of the ABOVE+BELOW LONDON recycled brand).

Similar to Sir Peter's; "Babe Rainbow" (a limited edition of 10,000 tin plates) that retailed for £1 in 1967; "I LOVE LONDON" and "I LOVE RECYCLING" form part of the artist's 'affordable art for all' series. As "Babe Rainbow" now exchanges hands for between £350 - £800 (if you can get one), it was a fantastic investment! Both "I LOVE LONDON” and "I LOVE RECYCLING” are as close to 1967 prices in today's money as you can get and would make wonderful gifts either singly or as a pair.

Each artwork measures 169mm x 219mm and is hand-finished in the UK by Creatively Recycled Empire and printed by Impress Group, the pioneers of metal paint can recycling who have diverted over 400 tonnes of tinplate from landfill since May '09. Two holes have been punched in the top left and righthand corners for easy wall mounting. Individually packaged together with the makers authentication certificate.

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