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Tom Adams - They Do It With Mirrors

Tom Adams - They Do It With Mirrors

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"The trick of the landscape sawn in half: a fine story to illustrate. A real gun on a real sheet of music placed against real mirrors. The whole assemblage arranged one fine summer day, in a real garden on the Isle of Wight." - Tom Adams.

"And that, you see, is how the conjuring trick was done. It was the trick of the lady sawn in half that made me think of it." - Miss Marple from They Do It With Mirrors

"Agatha Christie's tricks with mirrors were dazzling, and this brilliant cover plays similar tricks. It is one of my favourites among the whole collection of Tom Adams' covers." - Julian Symons

Collector's edition print, with Tom Adams's signature embossed in the paper.

Image Size: 291mm x 215mm

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